Liberating Structures

Some great resources to get started

Liberating Structures in Action at DDD '24


Here are some great resources to get started with Liberating Structures. Some great tips, and a very good introduction can be found in one of the blogs of The Liberators on Medium, Tips To Design Your Own Session With Liberating Structures.


Official Website

The Official website is a great start, to read more about Liberating Structures, search for specific structures, and get in-depth information how to use them.

Also, the Liberating Structures Menu, to quickly view all official structures.

The Liberators website

The Liberators website, with a lot of information, resources, posters, articles, workshops, etc, on Liberating Structures and other subjecs.

The Liberators Blog (Medium)

Blog posts about Liberating Structures, about workshops, specific structures, etc.

Card Deck

Makes creating your own sessions much more fun, by playing around with fysical cards.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Android and iOS, which you can use to search for structures, but also to create your own strings.


Carsten Lützen explains a lot of structures in short YouTube videos, with some additional drawings. Can help to better understand how to use the structures.

The Book

There is a book about Liberating Structures, with a lot of in-depth information, stories, and an overview of all structures.

Designing a string

Designing a string with the card desk