Using Google Sheet as CMS for your App - Part 1

Imagine you had an easy to understand CMS without too much overhead, just to add translations and a bit of content for your (Xamarin) app. A CMS with an “excel-like” interface, an interface most of your customers would understand without even a training? Say “Hi” to Google Sheets & Azure Functions!

Using an Arduino with Xamarin for Mac

It’s all about first times: my first Xamarin.Mac app and my first Arduino connection with a Mac. I am going to explain how I connected an Arduino to a Xamarin.Mac app to create a “pomodoro-like” timer.

Google Places Api

The Google Places API can be used to find locations and their details like geolocation, address and other data. It returns a predicted list of locations based on the input string. In this post I will show some details about the plugin I created.

Using MediatR in an MvvmCross App


A while ago I was listening to a podcast from DotNetRocks about Clean Architecture. Around the same time I read something about a Clean Architecture template which happens to be from Steve Smith, the same guy talking about it on the DotNetRocks show.