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Fast Flow or Fast Fluff: Embracing an Eclectic DevOps Coaching Approach

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations often find themselves struggling with the challenge of timely delivering value to their customers. Despite the longstanding presence of methodologies such as Lean, Agile, and DevOps, the struggle persists, and the gap between business and IT continues to widen.

Living In Your Own Bubble: Introducing DDD in Legacy Software

In the complex landscape of Dutch agriculture,where the value of cows impacts taxes and business, this session unveils a solution to implement new rules within a legacy system. Explore the Bubble Context method to seamlessly integrate changes without compromising the existing setup, showcasing the power of Domain Driven Design in legacy system navigation.

Specification by Example: Building The Right Things The Right Way

Specification by Example is a collaborative approach to defining requirements.

Making an Impact as a SpecOps Software Engineer

Do you mean DevOps? Or DevSecOps? You might be thinking of Special Operations, from the military, but we’re actually talking about Special Operations tactics in software engineering. In this session, we’ll explore how the principles of leadership, responsibility, and ownership from Special Operations teams can apply to software development. Drawing on insights from a submarine commander, we’ll examine different perspectives on team operations and how exercises on a submarine can impact the quality of user stories.