Specification by Example: Building The Right Things The Right Way

Specification by Example is a collaborative approach to defining requirements.

Liberating Structures

We are all familiar with group dynamics during our meetings: some people are extravert and talkative, while others are more introverted and quiet. We are also familiar with endless meetings that seem to last forever, without a clear outcome or result. Liberating Structures can help overcome these (and other) shortcomings of our conventional formats in how we collaborate.

Elephant Carpaccio - Learn how to create small stories

The Elephant Carpaccio workshop is a great workshop for software teams to learn how to break stories into really thin vertical slices. While writing stories discussions arise about delivering value, priorities, testing and quality.

Coding Dojo

A coding dojo is a collaborative learning and practice environment designed for software developers. It provides a platform for participants to enhance their coding techniques, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills.