Advent of Code 2022: Learning Rust

Getting to the end of the year, you know it will be that time again: Advent of Code time! Starting on the first of December, up until Christmas, there will be a daily programming challenge. Last year I did an attempt to learn F#, which was not really successful. The combination of learning a new language and it being the first year I really participated in Advent of Code was just too much and after a few days I switched back to C#.

This year I wanted to skip it at all, but in November I decided to have a look at Rust and I got hooked. I looked for an IDE (more about that later), read a book and some documentation, did some of my favorite kata’s, and there it went wrong: I decided to solve some puzzles of Advent of Code 2021 and I decided to join this year’s edition again, with a goal: to learn Rust.